Big Data 2021

Big Data 2021

TGG's Big Data 2021 Webinar shines a light on the latest advances in football data science. In total there are 7 presentations from leading practitioners from around the world:

1. Mikkel Keldmann (Head of Quantitative Analysis, Brondby): From one intern to full-automated analysis.

2. James Young (Head of Data & Analysis, Sunderland): Launching a data science department.

3. Jan Van Haaren (Data Scientist, Club Brugge): Evaluating & recruiting players using open-source tools.

4. David Perdomo Meza (Head of Engineering & Data Science, Twenty3): Democratising data.

5. Jens Melvang (Product Manager, Stats Perform): Supporting key recruitment challenges using AI.

6. Luke Bornn (Founder & Chief Scientist, Zelus Analytics): Using tracking data to improve performance.

7. Pedro Pereira (Data Scientist, Fluminense): Data-driven insights in opposition analysis.

If you purchase, you get access to all of these insightful presentations. Click on the 7 thumbnails below to access each individual presentation.

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Big Data 2021