Introduction to Analytics Bundle

Introduction to Analytics Bundle

Get an in-depth introduction to football analytics with our special bundle! There are 12 videos and more than 12 hours of quality material!

Start with SQL and learn how to use this crucial database language with Edd Webster. This touches on how to connect a MySQL database to a Python data science environment (Jupiter notebooks) and Tableau for data visualisation.

We then move onto two Masterclasses on the programming language Python, with Jamie Dos Anjos of FC Python. The first is an Intro to Python, before we move onto the Python Match Analysis Masterclass.

In the Tableau Masterclass, Tom Goodall takes you through the football capabilities of this visual analytics software.

Finally, we have seven of the best presentations from our annual Big Data Webinars:

1. Jan Van Haaren: Evaluating & Recruiting Players Using Open-Source Tools.
2. Akhil Shah: Data Engineering - How To Get From Good To Great.
3. Mikkel Keldmann: Brondby's Data Journey.
4. Jonny Whitmore: Quantifying Player Decision-Making With Predictive Data.
5. Alex Kleyn: Modelling and Aligning Team Philosophy.
6. Devin Pleuler: Alternative Approaches to Player Similarity
7. Arjav Trivedi & Geir Jordet: Elite Scanning - Blending Research & Analytics.

Please look in 'Extras' for set-up details/ data and additional resources.

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Introduction to Analytics Bundle